Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh nooooo...

Last night I picked up a spindle, some roving, and made yarn for the 2nd time in my life.
I liked it. It was fun to see the twist go up the yarn, and to see-HEY I MADE YARN! *ahem* And then possibly my favouritest part is that this time did not end in a spindle flying across the room at high speed, lodging itself into a wall, with the twist slowly coming out of AN ENTIRE PIECE OF ROVING.

You know what this means? I'm going to have to halve my buget for yarn, and I will have less knitting time than ever, and I am anxiously eyeing a Fricke wheel.

I am largely amused to imagine conversations like the following:
Spinner: What kind of wheel do you have?
Me: Fricke!
Spinner: Is there a problem?
Me: No, I have a Fricke.
Spinner: . . . I think I'm missing something.

P.S. Pictures of the cafe are coming, but I am finding the cafe staff somewhat...difficult on the matter of photos. Look, guys, you're gonna end up in a crummy photo on the web in your life - Why not let it be on a blog that all of our customers can read and show their friends?

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