Monday, March 5, 2007


Things at the shop have really been crazy lately - Stev is now managing both the yarn store and the cafe, which means more work than ever. Fortunately the cafe crew is pretty good at maintaining the place on their own so Stevanie isn't totally overloaded. See how calm she looks in the photo?

We've gotten some new yarns in in the past few weeks. The Cascade 220 Superwash, some new colours of Cascade Jewel which is a deadringer for Rio De La Plata, Nikki a thick/thin yarn from Cascade. We like Cascade, they have nice stuff for low prices. They fit nicely into my budget.

This is Nikki in one colourway. You can see all of the ones we carry on our website, and then there's always Cascade's website for all the colours.

We're talking about carrying a fingering weight alpaca, but nothing solid yet.

Also! We're planning a few retreats for the next coming months. There may be one during the summer, and we're thinking one the weekend after Mother's Day. Annie Modesitt is going to be teaching at one of them, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

As an aside; Annie is one of the knit designers that I have a great deal of respect for even though her designs are not usually to my taste. Her dedication to technique is incredible, and I think that her repertoire of skills is amazingly varied. If her class list is anything to go by, then she's definitely one of those people who is always trying to look at knitting from another angle. I like that.

I'm really excited about the fiber festival that's coming up on the 15th. It's the Ides Of March Fiber Festival, and it will be from 9 to 9, regular store hours. It should be really awesome, a lot of our own customers will be showing their best stuff.

Portland has been abso-fricking-lutely gorgeous lately. I have taken lots of pictures of the sunrises over the past few days when it has been shockingly clear. They're the kinds of mornings that make me WANT to get out of bed and have a good day.

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