Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Sweater, A Harlot, And A Rockin' Good Time

I finished the sweater.

And here it is doing what sweaters do best.

Being worn.

Pattern: My Own Design, Shawnathan's Sweater
Yarn: Galway Plymouth, a Heathered Brown and Chocolate Brown
Design Elements: Drop Shoulders, Half-Underarm Gussets, Tunic Flaps, Shaped V-Neck
Gauge: 4.77 Stitches Per Inch
Chest Measurement: 34 Inches
Ease: 0
Start Date: November 2006
End Date: May 2007
Needles: Size 3 Inox Circulars, 24 inches.

Today the Yarn Harlot visited Portland and came to Powell's. Here is a graphic representation of how Powell's still hasn't learned about knitters. Spanning a time from 4:30 to approximately an hour before Yarn Harlot.

Her talk covered a range of topics, including an informative section on the newest threat to knitters. C.H.O.K.E. Cultural Humiliation Of Knitters Everywhere. C.H.O.K.E. works in ways both irritating and threatening, ranging from snarky comments to actual interference with business transactions. Tell your friends, call your congress people, and above all be sure to fight C.H.O.K.E. at every opportunity. Be Proud, Be Loud, And Knit.

The lady looking my way in the read Green Gable sweater? That's Heather. She's the new owner of the store, she's fabulous, and I believe that she is going to do great things with the store. Do not fear the red-garbed woman, for she will bring you many pretty yarns, an extensive class list, and she's keeping us all.

Yeah, that would be nearly half of the crowd in that last. The rest is wound around the back of aisles, through the store, and standing against the back. Stephanie was an intelligent, articulate woman. Her sweater was faaab. So much love for that lady.

My friend took a picture as I held her sock. And she took a picture of the sweater I knit for my friend. Somehow, that seems right.


Cindy said...

Hey, Rodger, it was great to meet you tonight! I was quite flattered that you admired my crocheted topper so much. :) I do plan on visiting the store one of these days! I just don't get from Hillsboro to Southeast a lot. :)

Kabira said...

Hey Rodger - Congratulations on finishing a VERY excellent sweater! Are you sure about your gauge though - 4.77 stitches per inch? Are you sure it wasn't 4.78?? ;-) Kabira

Kathy said...

(high fives Rodger) That was so much fun! Loved the sweater (and the model). Also nice to find a partner in crime ;-)

JENNA said...

I<3 you and please call me soon :)

Sorka said...

ooooh that is a very nice sweater!! great job!! I don't know if I could stick it out on size 3s that long!

Barbara said...

Rodger, thanks so much for saving us seats for the Yarn Harlot - and of course calling us to tell us that it was filling up so early.

I just got back to Phoenix late last night and having gotten a chance to down load the pictures, but I will send them to you once I do.

Milly said...

I read about your sweater and the Yarn Harlot's blog and had to come see for myself. Awesome dude! Great job!
Love the blog too.

Meghan said...

Hey Rodger, was so nice meeting you! Can't wait to stop by the store and take some of your classes. Loved seeing your sweater, twas beautimous!

Bobbie said...

Dude, you're on the Harlot's blog! So nice to meet you, Heather, Barbara, Melissa, Kathy, on Friday. WIsh I'd been able to meet you guys after; that sounds like fun. I don't get over to SE often, but I told a co-worker (who knits a little, and I mean little) from Sellwood about the store, and gave her strict instructions to go there. Make her fondle some wool, or silk, or something; she needs to find her addiction. :)

Shelly said...

Hi Rodger, thanks for the 10% off coupon to Abundance, I love your store. I was telling dh about the harlot's talk, yadda yadda, moved a bunch of wool off the couch so I could sit down. He was listening, moved a bunch of wool off his side table so he could put his palm pilot down. I got up to make tea, scrunched a bag of fleece off to the side of the kitchen as I went, put on the kettle, and then picked up my knitting which was on the kitchen counter and said, "AND I got a 10% off coupon!" He tried very hard not to roll his eyes.