Friday, May 25, 2007

Done Up Purdy

Pre-Hammer And Drill

The store got a facelift this past weekend. I like the new look and the new feel, even though I sympathize with ya'll that have walked in and been vaguely stunned by the rearranged layout. Here's a brief photo montage of the whole ordeal.


Oh eff, they ripped the counter apart!

And then somebody stole the bloody thing. Sod.

Oh, they're just moving it. Nobody tells me anything.
Left to Right:
Rob, Frank, Mike, Andres

Good job guys!

Also, all the shelving units now vaguely resemble giant blocky sheep just waiting to get pushed around. There are these caster things on the bottoms of all of them. Also, we attatched pegboard to the backs of all of them so now we have more flexibility in display and store configuration.

Turns out that a dude only gets more attractive with a power tool in his hands. Go figure.

The new flock of Blue Backed Shelves.
Note the vague bluish hue surrounding the posteriors of each shelf.

And then the dear little one that was wondering about thought to herself, "My God, Daddy is making this place an pigsty. MUST CLEAN!"

Seriously, friggin' cutest kid I've ever seen that I'm not related to.
Everything she does sparkles with Cute Sequins(tm)

And that's pretty much all there was, I'm going to be putting the rest up on my flickr account.

A big stinkin' huge thanks to Frank and Harry, without whom the whole thing woulda been a bunch of knitters and their associated menfolk goin' "Eh, what?"

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