Friday, May 18, 2007

Morning: A WIP

I had such a restful nap yesterday afternoon that I woke up at 4 this morning. I opened the window and dozed, listening to the sounds of lonesome cars going by one by one. At 10 to 5, I got out of bed, booted up the computer, and sat down to read the early-morning bloggers. At 5:30, I began to take pictures. This is the rest of my morning.

I have been slogging along on a friend's sweater. I finally completed the body last night, for the second time. I had just picked up for my sleeve and decided on a garter-stitch treatment involving short rows when I looked up and saw this huge, flawless patch of light on my bedroom wall.

While I was taking various photos, it occurred to me that my sweater looked kind of...arty. Hangin' up there on the wall, in the light.

I wonder why it is that we so infrequently look at our knitting and see the art in it. Maybe it's because we know all the hours, each stitch, each frustrating moment, the thrill of correct stitch counts, and the crushing defeat of gauge failures. But when I pinned that sweater up on the wall, and the needles dangled just-so, I admit that I thought it was beautiful.

Even if it did look pretty funny without some sleeves.

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