Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Not That Hard

For real, it's not that hard to design a sweater that a dude will like. Here you go, basic Man Sweater Rules.

  • Neutral Colours, Unless Otherwise Specified.
  • Medium To Oversized Fit i.e. Comfy.
  • One Colour, Unless Otherwise Specified.
  • Do Not Succumb To Cosby Sweater Syndrome.
  • Do Not Try To "Inject" our "Wardrobes" with a "Vibrant New Colour" Without Asking First.
I saw a sweater recently with a checkerboard and a hood AND wide vertical stripes on it, plus it was WAY HUGE on the dude what was wearing it. Honey, ain't 1 man in 50 gonna want that sweater. Being "Interesting To Knit" and "Pleasing To Wear" aren't always mutually exclusive. Unless you're knitting this sweater. Knittah, pleez.


Lexy Girl said...

The Bike Yarn Crawl is so on!

And yay for the man sweater rules. I wouldn't knit my man a sweater... because he makes fun of my knitting. But if I did, I solemly swear to follow the rules.

I would like to add that non-neutrals which feature prominently in the man's wardrobe should be allowed (if he wears lot's of burgundy, burgundy is okay. If he's never worn a color other than "charcoal" burgundy is not okay)

Christy said...

He, he. When Phil and I first started dating, he actually wore some Cosby sweaters. On an early date, I teased him about his Cosby sweater. He stood up to ask everyone else in the movie theatre if he was wearing a Cosby sweater......and they agreed with me. He has left his Cosby Sweater phase, but he is still more adventurous than many men in the sweater department.

Lolly said...

A good list - I know it definitely holds true to the man in my life. I had to talk him into the cardigan from "Last Minuite Knitted Gifts" because cardigans weren't his thing (that was is not Mr. Rogers, though). Mostly it is pullovers, and gray, blue, black, and brown. Maybe a red...

Love the Cosby bit :)

Nik said...


If I tried to get my relatively conservative man to wear anything huge, colorful and uncomfortable, he wouldn't wear it.

janine said...

I guess that could be the one a recent major knitting mag eh? I looked at the basic shape and thought my son (20) would love it in plain black and my hubby would probably love it in plain um grey but checks and stripes nah, not in a million years :-)

~drew emborsky~ said...

Oh. So. True!

Melissa said...

I totally agree. I get mocked at knitting group for the dark olive mass of stockinette stitch that is my husband's sweater. Hey, it's what he wants. And I love him enough to suffer through the boredom.